Michigan is steaming over this failed TD drive with a controversial ruling

A close officiating call that Michigan fans will hate? We haven't seen that since last November. 

The No. 24 Wolverines were on the verge of tying No. 5 Wisconsin in the first half of Saturday's game in Madison when quarterback Brandon Peters threw a fade route to receiver Donovan Peoples-Jones, who caught the pass and tapped both feet.

Unfortunately for UM fans, the pass was ruled incomplete by the nearest official. However, a closer look shows that Peoples-Jones' left foot was in bounds when he caught the ball. 

I'm not here to tell you if this was a touchdown or an incomplete pass, but the general consensus seems to point to the former.  The ruling ended up being a huge deal since Peters fumbled on the next play trying to get the ball into the end zone. So instead of getting a touchdown, the Wolverines came away with zero points. 

In a tight game, that type of ruling could be huge. Michigan did score on its next possession, however, to tie the game 7-7 entering the half.

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