Michigan LB Devin Bush stomps on Michigan State logo during chippy pregame warmups

Michigan may not consider Michigan State its chief rival, but that doesn't mean the in-state game doesn't get the blood boiling on both sides. And the Spartans have a well-documented history of having no love lost for the Wolverines, either. 

Prior to their noon kickoff in East Lansing, Michigan linebacker Devin Bush was caught scuffing up the Spartans logo at midfield. According to video cameras in the stadium, the act was preceded by a minor scuffle when Michigan State players, as they do every game, walked side-by-side up and down the field while Bush was doing his warmups. 

Instead of walking around Bush, Michigan State players walked through Bush, which led to this: 

A Michigan spokesperson also said Spartans players got a little rough during their march.

Take the accounts for what they're worth and it seems like things were said and done by both sides, which isn't uncommon. But Bush's "field stomp," which has already been attended to by groundskeepers, is going to be the highlight -- especially if the Wolverines lose. 

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