Like most of his Michigan teammates, Denard Robinson did not have a very good night against Alabama on Saturday. He finished the evening completing only 11 of his 26 pass attempts, with twice as many interceptions as touchdowns, and only 27 yards rushing.

He also got banged up quite a bit by the Alabama defense, whether the Tide was hitting him or he was hitting them.

And what would injury be without insult?

On Saturday, both during the game and after, a few Michigan State players took to Twitter to share their thoughts on their rivals' performance.

From linebacker Denicos Allen:

In tweets that have since been deleted, safety Kyle Artinian said "DENARD IS SOOOO BAD! And it makes me feel so good!" while linebacker Jamal Lyles tweeted "I can play quarterback for the school in blue."

Even when Denard finally found some success and hit Jeremy Gallon for a 71-yard pass it wasn't good enough for running back Nick Hill.

Now, while I don't mind trash talk, I feel as though I should point out to these Spartans that their own quarterback, Andrew Maxwell, didn't exactly have a great night in Michigan State's opener, either.

Maxwell threw for 238 yards, but he also threw 3 interceptions against a Boise State defense that only had two returning starters from 2011. 

I can only imagine what he'd have done against Alabama.