Jim Harbaugh's brash approach to his detractors has led to comparisons with Donald Trump. As it turns out, Harbaugh does admire something about the presidential candidate. 

"The thing I like about Donald Trump is he's not afraid to fight the establishment," Harbaugh said, via Mark Snyder of the Detroit Free Press

At the moment, Harbaugh's battle with the establishment includes attacking the NCAA for its "knee-jerk" decision to ban satellite camps and blaming the SEC and ACC for pushing the legislation along. SEC Network's Paul Finebaum has been one of the most prominent voices to tie Harbaugh to Donald Trump, but now that he's attacked the SEC Finebaum says the Michigan coach has gone from "entertaining" to "annoying" 

“So once again, Jim Harbaugh has hijacked college football," Finebaum said on his radio show on Tuesday. "I think he has been an entertaining entrant to college football since he arrived in Michigan a year and a half ago. Entertaining. That was then. I find him growingly and increasingly annoying now."

Anything to make Michigan great again, as the saying goes. 

Jim Harbaugh likes the way Donald Trump shakes up the establishment. (USATSI)