NCAA Football: UL Lafayette at Mississippi State

Anybody who has ever played football at any level has heard it from a coach at some point. "Keep your head on a swivel." It's a simple rule, but it's often learned the hard way. Often enough that the NCAA implemented a rule this season making blindside blocks illegal because not enough players keep their heads on a swivel, and it results in dangerous collisions.

Well, it's time we start talking to our dogs about it.

Mississippi State mascot Bully is on the sideline in Auburn on Saturday night, and Bully didn't think he needed to be ready on the first play of the game, but he did. Had Bully kept his head on a swivel, perhaps Bully would have been able to avoid this near disaster.

Now, don't worry, Bully is OK. He took to Twitter a little while after taking that hit to let the world know he was fine. 

Of course, I hope Bully wasn't tweeting from the sideline, because when you're on the field, you have to keep your head on a swivel. You can't do that while tweeting. Even when you're a very good dog.