Mizzou and North Carolina letting fans vote for bowl uniforms

Gary Pinkel struggling to figure out which uniform to vote for
Gary Pinkel struggling to figure out which uniform to vote for. (USATSI)

Here's what we know: Missouri will be playing Oklahoma State in the Cotton Bowl on Jan. 3 and North Carolina will play Cincinnati in the Belk Bowl on Dec. 28. What we don't know is what uniforms the two schools will be wearing in their respective games. Not even Missouri and North Carolina know what they'll be wearing just yet.

And that's because both schools are allowing fans to vote for the uniform combinations they'd like to see their team wear.

You can vote for Missouri's uniforms right here, and you can vote for North Carolina's here.

Now, the Eye on College Football blog would never tell you how to vote, for that would surely be unethical. However, we would recommend voting for Missouri's all black look and North Carolina's blue uniforms with the black helmet. But, again, your vote is your vote. Vote any way you see fit.

We just hope you have taste is all.

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