National Signing Day isn't about fax machines anymore. Shoot, it's not even always about the signing day stunt. Bulldog puppies, fake outs and even skydiving announcements are becoming a thing of the past. 

Now, it's all about the school commitment video. And some do it better than others. The social teams for athletic departments have an important job on signing day. With so many recruits signing early -- literally: more than 500 kids had signed with Power Five schools before most people were eating breakfast -- it's possible to get a jump on the graphics and videos to send on out social media. If done right, those videos can look really cool -- or, just as importantly, different enough to stand out from the saturation of announcements. 

Below are a handful of schools who did signing day videos better than the rest. It's a long day, so if more come along we'll be sure to add them in here. 

A pair of Big 12 schools went with some throwback videos: Today's recruit may be a little too young to appreciate any Muppet references, though I suppose everybody knows what they are. So credit Baylor for rolling with some unique announcement videos that turned their newest roster additions into puppets. Maybe not the most up-to-date idea, but it does capture the more modern announcement vibe.

In addition, Kansas State brought back Legos with their announcement videos. You have to love the intros that reflect the recruiting announcements out there today. 

However, Kansas did something a little extra special: Of all the video announcements on Wednesday, Kansas' had the most sentimental value. Rather than go overboard on graphics or edits, the Jayhawks relied on family members to introduce the newest signees. It's a great tip of the cap to the people who know these players the best, and it showed another side of what college football is all about. Classy, understated but powerful. Well done, Kansas. 

Arizona State paid tribute to its wild west days: I'm not sure if the voice in this video is trying to sound like Sam Elliott, but it sure sounds like there's an honest attempt being made. In any case, you won't find many things wrong with Arizona State paying tribute to the wild west with this movie trailer-quality video: 

Tennessee went all in with player analysis: It helps when you have a famous Vol For Life with broadcasting and analyst chops. Enter Charles Davis, who broke down members of Tennessee's newest class with the help of some serious studio graphics. 

The cream of the crop for signing day graphics, however, belongs to SyracuseLook, comic books are in right now. Marvel "Avengers" movies have the GDP of a small country. Kudos to Syracuse for not only connecting with recruits on this level, but also connecting the superhero-athlete dots that we see so oftentimes in other graphics. By the way -- the visuals look great here. These videos are done extremely well. 

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