NCAA should cut down regular season schedule, expand playoffs to improve college football

College football has a problem, according to former Florida State quarterback Danny Kanell: It's too boring and predictable.

Comparing the current NCAA game to the NBA of the last few years, Kanell suggested on Thursday's "Kanell & Bell" podcast that the Alabama and Clemson dominance of late has mirrored the eye-roll matchups of the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers that owned NBA Finals before this past season.

"And it really diminished the regular season," he said, proclaiming college football's parity problem even worse because "you don't have free agency, although Nick Saban may disagree (because of) transfers."

So what's the solution for a better college game?

According to Kanell, an eight-team playoff expansion is part of it. But it should not be the whole package.

"I think you have to take it a little deeper than that because of scheduling. Because there are so many games that are just boring ... I would do away with any Power Five team against an FCS opponent. I would also make every Power Five team play 10 Power Five opponents in the regular season. And then, the other thing I would do, is cut the schedule to 11 games ... because I think it would make it more special, you could add an extra bye week."

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