NCAA talks 'personnel changes' after external review; reportedly cans VP

NCAA enforcement director Julie Roe Lach has been fired in the wake of the NCAA's external review of its enforcement department. 

The news comes 26 days after the NCAA announced it was commencing the review after finding what it called "improper conduct" in the ongoing Miami investigation. The NCAA admitted the use of Nevin Shapiro attorney Maria Elena Perez in a deposition she was conducting for her client on a different case. reported on Feb. 6 that Roe Lach approved the disbursement of at least $20,000 for Perez to ask questions pertaining to the Shapiro case during the deposition. Last month reported that NCAA general counsel Donald Remy knew of the arrangement with Elena Perez.

NCAA president Mark Emmert said last month that the issue never reached Remy’s desk and that the payment to Perez was only discovered “months later” when expense reports were flagged.

On Jan. 24, Emmert stated unequivocally that Remy was not aware of the use of Elena Perez. However, Roe Lach was not included in that statement. Williams later said, " "Whether or not Julie approved [the action], it will be part of the external review process. However, the review is solely focused on enforcement."

Attorneys and other persons involved in the Shapiro case were notified by the NCAA of the use of Elena Perez in mid-January. That was approximately a week before the NCAA's public announcement. 

Emmert and attorney Ken Wainstein -- whose firm conducted the review -- will be on the call. 

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