Nebraska OC Tim Beck has broken jaw following sleep apnea surgery

When Nebraska starts practice next month, offensive coordinator Tim Beck won’t be barking orders to quarterback Taylor Martinez. He will probably mumble or use hand signals, at least early on.

Beck recently underwent serious jaw surgery to correct sleep apnea, which had kept the Huskers playcaller poorly rested the last few years.

The surgery required breaks in his upper and lower jaw in four places to create a bigger airway.

“Just gotta deal with it. It is time for some BALL!!!” Beck told via text message.

Beck said he lost 15 pounds after the surgery and is on a soft food diet for six weeks. The numbness recently wore off, so the pain is increasing but should subside eventually.

The surgery hasn’t affected his excitement for Nebraska’s offense led by Martinez, a four-year starter. The Huskers have a chance “to be pretty explosive,” he said.

Beck can’t speak loudly to get his point across on the field, but it turns out the Huskers offense will help his transition.

“With no huddle we signal,” said Beck, Nebraska’s OC since 2011. “I should come up with some signals to rip their butts. Ha ha.”

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