For once this season, Nebraska was on the right side of some last-minute heartbreak, though it came with the help of a controversial call from the referees while beating Michigan State 39-38.

Trailing 38-33 in the final minute, Tommy Armstrong threw a 30-yard touchdown to Brandon Reilly, but there was a problem. Reilly went out of bounds and came back onto the field of play before catching the touchdown. See for yourself.

Now, the referees initially ruled that Reilly was forced out, which makes it perfectly legal for him to come back on the field of play and catch the ball. But replay appears to show Reilly went out of bounds of his own accord, and was not forced out.

After a replay review, though, the officials upheld their initial call.

The result was a crazy victory for the Cornhuskers, and possibly the death of Michigan State's playoff hopes.

Nebraska may have gotten away with one on Saturday night. (USATSI)