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Update: Score it as a potential victory for common sense. While HB1249 is still a state law in Arkansas, the state senate voted on Thursday to exempt college sporting events from the bill. Now the house and governor must ratify as an adjustment to the law passed just a day ago.

Original story

If you plan to attend an Arkansas football game at Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium in 2018 there are a few things you should know. First of all, leave your umbrella at home, even if it’s raining. They aren’t allowed inside the stadium. Also, don’t bring your own food or beverages, as they’re also prohibited inside the stadium.

Feel free to bring a gun, though, because that will be perfectly legal.

Yes, Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson signed a law Wednesday that will allow Arkansas citizens to carry a gun inside publicly-funded buildings within the state, including the football stadium and basketball arena at Arkansas, as well as other buildings on campus. 

Now, to be fair, not just anybody with a gun can bring one to the game and wave it around the concourse. The law allows only those with a concealed handgun license to bring the weapons in, and even then those people must undergo up to eight hours of active-shooter training. 

The law goes into effect Sept. 1, 2017, though chances are guns won’t be allowed into the stadium until 2018, giving police time to figure out how to handle the fact some fans may have guns.