While the NCAA's decision to ban satellite camps garnered most of the attention this week, there were some other rule changes that will have a large impact on the lives of college football coaches.

The NCAA announced it will no longer regulate electronic communication between coaches and recruits. What that means is coaches can now text recruits at will in addition to talking to them on social media. The reason the NCAA made these changes, in layman's terms, was that it's just too damn difficult to track.

Which I understand.

I also understand why coaches like Urban Meyer hate the changes.

"The texting thing is the most ignorant thing I've ever heard in my life," Meyer told ESPN.com earlier this week. "It's hard, but if they're making a decision because coaches are upset about it, that's not the point.

"Do you really want text messages from 100 universities on your phone when you come out of school? The ones I know don't. 'What? I don't want to hear from these schools.' Some intern is going to be punching text messages on your phone, and maybe you can block numbers and all that, but that's just too hard, right? Because it's easier on coaches? Maybe it's easier for the enforcement because people are doing it, but it just doesn't make sense."

Urban Meyer really doesn't want to spend all day texting you. (USATSI)

While Meyer brings up the recruit's perspective in this, let's not kid ourselves, this is also a pain in the butt for coaches as well. Recruiting is a time-consuming activity as it is, but now that coaches are free to text and retweet as they like? Now it'll be a never-ending process.

While it won't be Meyer, or Nick Saban on Twitter liking the latest Crying Jordan meme some four-star linebacker from Florida just tweeted, somebody on that coaching staff is going to have to do it.

We've already seen schools compete with one another as far as multi-million dollar facilities, and it appears social media will be the next place to be "better" than your competition.

I look forward to the day a recruit chooses a school because "they liked all my Instagram photos."