Nick Saban addresses critical comments from Alabama QB Jalen Hurts on position battle

Nick Saban spoke to the media for the first time since Jalen Hurts shocked the world by expressing his feelings over the weekend, and Saban's public reaction was precisely what you'd have expected it to be.

If he was angry about it, he sure as heck ain't telling you.

"Every player has a right to express what he feels and what he thinks," Saban said. "I think he has every right to do that with every coach in the organization that he has relationships with, which we certainly do quite often. Look, this is probably a lot more important to people outside this organization than people inside. This doesn't have any effect on our team. The rhetoric will not have anything to do with who's the quarterback. That will obviously be decided on the field. Same parameters than before on who wins the team.

"I don't really have any more to say about than that. It's not anything that has affected our team one way or another. "

If you aren't familiar with Hurts' comments, he was asked about the QB competition between himself and Tua Tagovailoa, and he was somewhat open about the entire situation.

"This is a situation that is uncontrollable," Hurts told reporters last weekend. "Coaches can't control this situation. They dictate who plays. But as far as variations to it, they don't control it honestly. This whole spring ever since the game, they kind of wanted to let it play out. They kind of, I guess, didn't think it was a thing or tried to let it die down like it wasn't something there because it has always been the elephant in the room.

"No one came up to me the whole spring, coaches included, no one asked me how I felt. No one asked me what was on my mind. No one asked me how I felt about the things that were going on. Nobody asked me what my future held."

Hurts was Alabama's starting QB each of the last two seasons, leading the Tide to the title game both years. But the freshman Tagovailoa replaced him in the second half of the title game against Georgia, and helped the Tide defeat the Bulldogs in overtime.

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