Nick Saban: 'I never considered going to Texas'

Nick Saban says he never even considered leaving Alabama for Texas
Nick Saban says he never even considered leaving Alabama for Texas. (USATSI)

On Friday night Alabama announced that it had signed Nick Saban to a contract extension, putting an end to any speculation that Saban might leave Tuscaloosa to take the job at Texas. Well, now that he has his new deal, Saban says that was never even a possibility.

"The way this sort of got spun, it was a little bit more like, 'OK, he got a new contract at Alabama, so he's going to stay at Alabama instead of going to Texas,'" Saban told's Chris Low. "I never considered going to Texas. That wasn't even a conversation.

"I knew that if Mack stepped down, there would probably be an opportunity, but it wasn't something I was interested in doing, not at this stage in my career."

Now, some people aren't going to believe Saban because that's just what some people do. However, I'll take him at his word because it doesn't really matter what he considered, what we know is that he's staying at Alabama.

All that being said, it's somewhat funny how all of this worked out, isn't it? While Saban has shot down the idea of going to Texas in recent months when reports leaked that Texas regents had contacted his agent, Jimmy Sexton, he didn't say a single word about the speculation this week, even though he had more than a few chances. Yet the day after he receives his contract extension he's finally willing to address the Texas rumors yet again.

That's that Jimmy Sexton kung-fu right there. Just because you never intend to leave a job doesn't mean you can't use the speculation that you will to your benefit.

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