Nick Saban supports players rights

Nick Saban supports players rights
Nick Saban has 'always been an advocate of players being compensated.' (USATSI)

Considering all that his players have done for him at various college coaching stops, it only makes sense that Alabama's Nick Saban would support players whenever he can. Especially when that support is for the rights of players, and possibly compensation.

Saban said he would support the idea of a player's union in college football, but would like to see more research done before putting his full weight behind the movement.

“I’ve always been an advocate of players’ rights,” Saban told the Montgomery Advertiser. “I’ve always been an advocate of players being compensated the best that we can to help them. I think that having a voice in what happens is something that the players probably ought to have.”

I'm sure there aren't any other SEC fans out there who would take the part where Saban says he's always advocated players being compensated out of context. 

Anyway, Saban did couch his statement a bit. He made sure to point out how much money the schools spend on players -- he says Alabama spent $600,000 on personal development programs and even more on academic support last year -- not just in their scholarships, but in the cost to support them while in school.

“I don’t think that the players just receive a scholarship,” he said. “I think a lot of players really realize that, understand that and appreciate that. We can’t pay them, but we can reinvest in trying to help them be successful in their future.”

Considering the recent developments at Northwestern, you have to think that part about not being able to pay the players could change in the coming years.

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