No joke: 'College Football Playoff' replaces Bowl Championship Series

PASADENA, Calif. -- College Football Playoff?

Really? That's the new name of the four-team playoff? The commissioners spent years designing the new setup that debuts after the 2014 season. Looks like they took about two minutes to name it.

What ... Games To Be Played Annually To Decide Champion (GTPATDC) was taken?

Wow, when the BCS commissioners hinted they the name of the playoff was going to be fairly mundane, they weren’t kidding. Little did we know that would be something so inoffensive that only a loaf of white bread could be upset.

The BCS is dead, long live the CFP? Those initials are about as far away from BCS as you can get, which was kind of the point. But, gosh boys, don’t put us to sleep.

"Is that really the name or just a space-filler?" said Oklahoma athletics director Joe Castiglione when first hearing the reported name a few hours before the formal announcemen Tuesday evening. 

The site launched late Tuesday afternoon, complete with four potential logos open to fan voting. Voting runs until Monday at 3 p.m. EST.

The apparel and marketing possibilities are … not immediately evident. We’re not exactly talking Louisville Adidas gear here. Besides, the Certified Financial Planners may want to have a word. So might the FCS and Divisions II and III, who staged their own college football playoff but were never savvy enough to capitalize. That’s essentially what the commissioners did. They kept it so vanilla that the ice cream is dripping down the cone.

Credit goes to Premier Sports Management, which apparently pocketed a nice, tidy fee for coming up with something that could have been randomly selected on a Ouija board.

"We're trying to make a clean break from the BCS," Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott told Fowler. "This is what you were asking for, fans. This isn't your grandfather's postseason."

The commissioners’ intent was to get as far away from the initials BCS as possible. Over the years, the acronym had been abused so often by critics it needed a bodyguard. CFP now lies out there like a carcass ready to be picked apart.

Let me be the first to scavenge ...

Crappy Football Playoff -- The first time Alabama doesn’t get in.

College’s Funniest Pronouncement -- The first time the SEC doesn’t win.

College Folly Phase II -- The first time the ACC beats an SEC team to win it.

On Tuesday evening, College Football Playoff executive director Bill Hancock stood from a podium and emphasized the simplicity of the name. The curtain behind him -- light blue with small white "College Football Playoff" lettering -- explained it for him.

"You can't get more straightforward than that," Hancock said.

Playoff officials prefer the full name to the initials CFP. With the BCS, fans could drop the C and express their feelings for the system.

"There are two letters which are not associated with this," Hancock said.

Jeremy Fowler contributed to this report.

[CORRECTION (4/26/13): The originally published version of this report included information that ESPN has been the “registrant” for the domain name since 2003. That information is incorrect. ESPN acquired the domain on April 18, 2013. regrets the error.]

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