North Dakota State gets served fast food during White House visit with President Trump

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Many jokes were made in January when Clemson visited the White House to celebrate its national championship victory over Alabama, only to show up to a dinner of various (and likely room temperature) fast food items provided by President Donald Trump. 

Turns out, Clemson isn't the only team to get the fast food treatment at the White House. Visiting Washington D.C. on Monday, FCS Division I national champions North Dakota State met with Trump and toured the oval office as part of their celebratory visit to the nation's capital. The Bison's most recent title is their seventh at the Division I level. 

And, yes, that would be an assortment of of burgers and chicken sandwiches in a setup similar to what Clemson players received. The big difference, though? Chick-fil-A. Not even the Tigers got that. Make your jokes if you must, but most college students aren't going to turn away free burgers or Chick-fil-A. 

Now, there are still likely nutrition staff members cringing somewhere in the corner, as fast food is akin to putting regular ol' gas in a sports car, but a burger or two (or three? or more?) once probably won't hurt. 

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