Northwestern's Trevor Siemian says he'll vote no on unionizing

Trevor Siemian says he's been treated 'far better than I deserve.'
Trevor Siemian says he's been treated 'far better than I deserve.' (USATSI)

Former Northwestern quarterback Kain Colter has received a lot of support in his effort to unionize college football players, but he didn't get any support from the man he shared quarterbacking duties with. On Wednesday Northwestern's Trevor Siemian explained that while Colter's mission "began with the best of intentions," he does not agree with the way Colter has gone about the process.

“We filed for employee cards (Jan. 28), but that doesn’t mean a union is the right avenue,” said Siemian. “Especially at Northwestern, where most guys on the team agree we have been treated very, very well. I’m treated here far better than I deserve.”

Siemian says he takes the blame for not gathering enough information before signing a union card with his teammates in January, and now that he has more information he plans to vote against forming a union.

Siemian also says that while he agrees with Colter on issues like improving medical care for players, increased stipends and more freedom in the transfer process, Colter should have gone to Northwestern coaches and administrators before making the union push.

“To say, 'I don’t trust you enough to address this,' I don’t think that is the way to go,” Siemian said.

Last week Northwestern coach Pat Fitzgerald told his team he was against the idea of them forming a union as well. 

The National Labor Relations Board ruled that Northwestern football players are employees in March, giving them the right to unionize. The vote will be on April 25.

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