Ohio State lineman Kevin Woidke posts hilarious thank you letter to Buckeyes fans after senior year

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At the end of every college football season, we get to see star athletes bid adieu to their school and post heartfelt thank you letters as they take the next step in their career, often to follow NFL dreams. But not every athlete is a star who is a lock to move on to play on Sundays, and those players have goodbyes to say as well.

Ohio State walk-on and fifth-year offensive lineman Kevin Woidke decided to poke a little fun at these sorts of goodbye messages with one of his own on Sunday, sharing a hilarious letter with Buckeyes fans as he (unwillingly) wraps up his career at OSU. It may just be the most self-deprecating goodbye letter in the history of college football.

Here's the post in full:

After a great five years at Ohio State, I am being forced to begin the next chapter. No matter how hard I fight it, I am forced to leave Ohio State. So, I might as well declare for the 2020 NFL Draft.

I am extremely grateful for the people who helped me sustain my career at Ohio State as long as possible. Without their help I would have never been there in the first place.

Now, a very fair question that most of you are asking: "Who is this kid?" That is very valid, and I totally understand why nobody would have heard of me. I have done nothing to even remotely warrant attention in any way. I am one of the guys in the hype videos that stands in the back and looks like a mix of Buddy the Elf and Marv from Home Alone. I have silently earned zero national awards and truly want to thank everyone who helped me achieve this honor. I'll never forget you for this.

To my teammates, thank you for making these years unforgettable. Without you guys making all the athletic and spectacular plays, I would have never been able to glide under the radar like I did. From Jerome Baker's INT in the spring game overshadowing my worst pass block rep ever, to Blake making every field goal so I never had to tackle anyone in a real game. I really appreciate the work you guys put in to make the team what it was and me the man I am today.

Lastly, shout out to the athletic training staff for keeping me alive these many years. From the endless inhalers you have provided to help my asthma, all the way to helping me deal with my peanut allergy. Thinking back on it, it's honestly a miracle I'm not dead yet.

5 gold pants
3 B1G Championships

That's it, there's nothing else. There no other awards (sic.). Go Bucks and thank you Buckeye Nation!

He may not have had the greatest playing career and maybe he'll have to find work that doesn't involve playing on Sundays, but with that sense of humor and self-awareness, Woidke clearly has a future in the content game. That's something that not every stud athlete can say. A playing career is just temporary, but solid content is forever. Chase Young, Jeff Okudah, eat your hearts out.

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