Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy spoke for the third time in as many days Wednesday amid continued backlash after he wore a T-shirt representing One America News Network. In remarks to ESPN+, he called himself a "dumbass" twice and empathized with why his players revolted in recent days.

"I didn't know some of the stances they [OAN] had taken," Gundy said, referencing One America News Network. "I didn't know that. But then you look at it and say, 'OK, I was a dumbass.' I put the shirt on, not knowing enough about the shirt."

Several players -- including his Heisman-contending running back Chuba Hubbard -- spoke out against Gundy after he wore the shirt at a fishing outing with his sons, which was later shared on social media. One America News Network is a far-right leaning cable channel seen as heavily pro-Donald Trump, and it has been critical of the Black Lives Matter movement.

"I understood exactly why the players got frustrated when they found that out," Gundy said. "I didn't know. I didn't know until the next day. Well, I knew that night, but I didn't confirm it until I did a little research, and I was like, 'What a dumbass.' So, that was my fault."

Hubbard voiced his opinion in public and in private in recent days and also took to ESPN+ to express his views on the situation Wednesday.

"I heard from coach Gundy later that day," he said. "We talked for about two hours. He said some stuff, and I realized some people may be ignorant and some people may just not understand what's going on or the seriousness of what's going on. Some people need to be educated. Whether I can depict exactly what's going on with him or whatever, I'm going to do my best to educate him and do my best to make Oklahoma State a better program for all athletes. That's all I'm trying to do."

Hubbard had threatened to boycott Oklahoma State until change was enacted at Oklahoma State but did not explicitly say what change he was seeking. As he voiced his opinion on Monday, current and former players came to his side.

"I'm just always some one who wants to pride myself on doing the right thing and stand for the right reasons," Hubbard said. "I'm not a politician. I'm not anything like that. I'm just someone who stands up for what's right, and that's all I was trying to do."