Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy offers to pay for improved school safety in Stillwater

Mike Gundy is more than a coach at Oklahoma State; he's a part of the Stillwater community. Like a lot of parents, he's concerned about the safety of his children when he drops them off at school, and during a Stillwater Public Schools Board of Education meeting this week, Gundy offered to pay the cost of improving the safety of the local schools himself if he has to.

"I'm very, very concerned," said Gundy. "You can take the politics out of this. My question would be, 'Do we have a plan in place and when you go to bed at night do you feel good about it?' If I was in charge, I would have a plan. Maybe not perfect, but it would be a plan.

"If budget is an issue ... as I said earlier I'm all for the teachers, it's not just the kids. What a terrible feeling to hear that and know that you don't have any protection. I'm willing to do whatever. I know these things take time. I don't think think we have time. I would like to see this put in place and until we can factor in a budget for the next year, I'm willing to foot the bill for the rest of the school year if we can protect our kids. That's how important the little ones are to me."

You can see Gundy's entire statement to the school board in the video below.

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