Oklahoma State hasn’t played a down of its 2017 season, but it’s already ahead of the game with Mike Gundy choosing to let his magnificent mullet continue to grow and flourish into the offseason.

The hairstyle -- named perfectly by the coach himself as the “Arkansas Waterfall” --  added a fun wrinkle to a wild Oklahoma State season in 2016. Gundy nearly had to cut it in November because of bet with his son regarding an upcoming test. Thankfully for us, Gundy’s son scored an 88 and not a 91, allowing the Arkansas Waterfall to continue its dominance of the college football hairstyling scene. 

ESPN’s Barry Melrose knows a thing or two about good hair, and Scott Van Pelt set him up to interview Gundy on SportsCenter late Tuesday night. There, speaking man-to-man and flow-to-flow, Gundy shared the secret to keeping his hair looking great. 

“Well it’s a little bit of butch wax, and you’re right, you’ve got gotta have good genes, you’ve gotta have great hair and you’ve got to make sure you have the right product,” Gundy said. “And as you know when there’s a lot of pressure when you have hair like this. You’ve got to make sure it looks right.”