Oklahoma's Castiglione talks playoff and preserving the regular season

Though it looks as if college football is definitely moving toward a playoff, the powers that be in the sport still don't know exactly what model will be used to bring one to the sport. Odds are that whatever model is used -- conference champions only, the top four overall, no schools that begin with the letter "I", whatever -- there will be flaws.

Which is something Oklahoma athletic director Joe Castiglione talked to The Oklahoman 's Berry Tramel about. Try as they might, there simply is no perfect solution.

“I do think people are genuine and sincere in trying to move change forward,” Castiglione told the paper. “People are willing to accept change, but how much change are they willing to accept?

“May not lead to a perfect solution. Perhaps a perfect solution is unattainable. We, all of us, the public, may just have to be OK with that for now, because it is a step in the right direction.” 

Castiglione also went on to tell Tramel that no matter what model is chosen, what's important to Oklahoma and the rest of the Big 12 is preserving the importance of the regular season.

“Every Saturday matters,” Castiglione said. “The idea that when we host football games on our campuses, it's important. We don't have that in college basketball right now.

“The games need to matter in the minds of the stakeholders in college football. That's what draws television ratings and ticket-holders. That's what draws attention to the sport in general.” 

Castiglione also went on to tell Tramel something that was music to my ears, saying that using a selection criteria that would include preseason rankings is "a key flaw" and that it must be addressed.

He also says that the conferences have talked about a playoff model that would exclude both the Big Ten and Pac-12 should those two conferences decide they'd rather keep their Rose Bowl tradition and not participate in a playoff.
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