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You tired of this guy yet? (US Presswire)

I don't know about you, but I'm more than tired of the Manti Te'o story. I've learned more about Te'o and his relationship with the fictitious Lennay Kekua than I ever wanted to or hoped to know. Te'o was fooled. He lied. He admitted it. 

What else is there?

People are poring through this story as if it's some great conspiracy, looking to uncover some undiscovered truth about what happened. To what end, I don't know. All it truly ever was is a fish tale. Te'o caught a minnow, told his friends it was a large-mouth bass and before he knew it he had a shark in the boat.

A lie, sure, and not honorable by any stretch, but in the end who got hurt here? Te'o and that's it. I enjoyed making jokes about it for a few days myself, but that's all there was to this story.

If you care about learning any more than you already have, you're only looking for another reason to laugh at Te'o. That's it. Don't pretend your motives are anything else.

Daily Progressions

-- Since I assume the vast majority of you don't feel the same way about the Te'o story as I do, you can find out more during his interview with Katie Couric. I'm sure it will be thorough and bring to light great secrets about a college guy making up a girlfriend.

-- I have to agree with CBSSports colleague Bruce Feldman here. Going with Mark Helfrich is the best thing Oregon could do after losing Chip Kelly. Oregon was a good team but it wasn't a national power until Kelly came to the school with his offense, and it's a scheme Helfrich will continue to use with the Ducks.

-- The offseason isn't just about college football players and their imaginary girlfriends, it's also about players getting arrested. This time it's Kansas linebacker Ben Heeney.

-- Texas A&M is going to reward Kevin Sumlin with a raise and an extension following his first season in College Station. Which he totally deserves. I just wish Kliff Kingsbury was still around to congratulate him in Kliff Kingsbury fashion.

-- Brady Hoke was not exactly happy with Michigan's season. The word he used to describe it rhymes with pity

-- If you missed the news, now that Boise State and San Diego State have dumped the Big East before their first date, the conference will not have divisions in 2013 and play an eight-game conference schedule.

-- Darrell Hazell has filled out his coaching staff at Purdue .

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