Oregon unveils new 'Mach Speed' uniforms for Alamo Bowl

It's a college football tradition as old and venerated as #MACtion or the SEC winning national championships*: Oregon debuting yet another new set of uniform in their bowl game. (Remember the then-groundbreaking chrome domes worn in their Rose Bowl win over Wisconsin? Of course you do.) 

Nike announced the 2013 Alamo Bowl version Friday, dubbed the Nike Pro Combat “Mach Speed” uniform. While it's not immediately clear whether the Ducks will wear the white or black option (update: Rob Moseley of GoDucks.com says it will the road whites), what is clear is that they'll look like Oregon . From the Nike gallery:

According to Nike, "the 2014 Nike Mach Speed Oregon Uniform chassis and updated designs will be integrated into the team’s existing wardrobe for the upcoming season." So get used to what you're seeing here.

Or don't -- that's the point of being Oregon football in the year 2013. And while these looks wouldn't work for everyone (the green-and-white version is a clean, sharp Oregon-meets-the-New-York-Jets look, but the other puts us a bit too much in mind of bumblebees), there's no arguing they haven't worked for the Ducks.

*Which means, yes, it's not actually all that old. But it feels like it is.

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