Over-exuberant judge posts about Johnny Manziel's ticket on Facebook

Everyone wants a piece of Johnny Football (US Presswire)

In yet another example of how every action by Johnny Manziel has suddenly become grist for the public mill, a Texas judge took to posting this status update on Facebook (hat tip: @fieldhousemedia) after the Heisman Trophy winner received a speeding ticket while driving in the vicinity of Ennis, Texas.

Here's a screen shot: 

Lee Johnson, a graduate of Baylor and a municipal court judge in Ennis since 1987, might be in a little hot water after this post. At the very least (according to legal experts we consulted), his commentary is unethical and could result in some disciplinary action -- or force him to recuse himself from the case. Also, his actions probably won't go over well with some Aggie partisans in that football-crazy part of the state.

Texas A&M athletic director Eric Hyman recently met with Manziel to warn him about the enormous microscope that is being pointed his way. This incident is a great example of just what Hyman was talking about. If any other person had received that speeding ticket, we'd never know about it.

For now, Manziel can't go anywhere without someone noticing what he's doing and, in some cases, outing him on the Internet. If this keeps up, it might not be long before Johnny Football wishes he had never won the Heisman in the first place.

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