Urban Meyer: The face of the Big Ten's underachievement?(USATSI)
Urban Meyer: The face of the Big Ten's underachievement? (USATSI)

On to the Week 2 overreactions ... Remember, we're judging overreactions on a three-level scale.

Level 1: Not so fast. Reaction is too strong.

Level 2: Mildly justified but still a little too strong.

Level 3: Totally justified.

Overreaction (Level 3) -- OK, so now the Big Ten is in trouble: I said last week Wisconsin's loss to LSU wasn't enough to overreact -- have Ohio State and Michigan State go 0-2 in marquee Week 2 games and let's talk.

And, oh, did the Big Ten give us that and so much more.

Losses to two MAC teams, Michigan's first shutout in three decades, Nebraska's near-loss to McNeese State and just an overall disdain for athleticism and speed plagued the league in week two.

Though Michigan State probably played better than any team in its conference, the conference's early-season struggles might accentuate the Spartans' need for a marquee win.

Commissioner Jim Delany told ESPN it's "premature to make any judgments" about his league. Maybe premature for a final, definitive judgment, but a 0-4 performance in the biggest non-conference games warrants a conclusion or two.

Delany is right about one thing -- playoff hopes are not dashed. Michigan State is its best team and its proudest playoff hopeful. Thought that in preseason and haven't budged. Oregon wore down the Spartans in the second half but this wasn't a blowout and Sparty's offense is more than capable.

Overreaction (Level 2) -- Ohio State is doomed without Braxton Miller and Carlos Hyde: Maybe we were a little hard on the Buckeyes Saturday night.

That's why this overreaction is only mildly justified, because Urban Meyer has a chance to do something he didn't do with Tim Tebow.

Adequately replace an elite quarterback.

Perhaps what went wrong during the John Brantley era can be corrected with J.T. Barrett, who lacks Miller's athleticism but can be a distributor in the spread offense.

Ohio State has raved about its playmaking ability, which was painfully absent in Saturday's 35-21 loss to Virginia Tech.

More screen passes and quick throws could be in Ohio State's future. The Buckeyes need to find a few stars and space for those stars to run. Is freshman running back Curtis Samuel ready to fulfill Meyer's high hopes for him?

"Everything we shoot for, which is playing for championships in November, is still there," Meyer told reporters Monday.

Overreaction (Level 2) -- Virginia Tech is the clear-cut best team in the ACC Coastal and could be a sleeper ACC champion: Let's not deem the Hokies a legitimate threat to FSU just yet. But a 2-0 start, fresh off arguably Frank Beamer's best road win ever, sets Tech up nicely. FSU, Clemson and Louisville are not on the schedule, and divisional rival Miami is a home game.

Are Frank Beamer's Hokies a true ACC title contender?(USATSI)
Are Frank Beamer's Hokies a true ACC title contender? (USATSI)

Quarterback Michael Brewer showed much resolve on the road with his ability to shrug off mistakes.

With Duke ravaged by injuries and UNC and Miami starting slow, Pitt might be Tech's most formidable divisional foe.

Could this year's defense be another Bud Foster masterpiece? Defensive end Dadi Nicholas said Tech's onslaught of sacks -- six of them in the last nine minutes of play -- came mostly out of a base defense.

Foster told CBSSports.com he ran a 'double eagle' formation -- extra nose tackle help to handle the run -- for the first time in 20-plus years.

"I think we have one of the most talented defensive lines in the country," Nicolas said.

Overreaction (Level 2) -- Oklahoma has an elite defense: Another supreme performance Saturday against Tennessee might elevate this reaction to a Level 3. For now, giving up 286.5 yards and 11.5 points per game against Tulsa and Louisiana Tech isn't enough.

But watching Oklahoma makes one thing clear: This defense has serious speed, especially in the secondary.

Overreaction (Level 1) -- Notre Dame is on that 2012 vibe: Tough not to be encouraged by what Notre Dame is doing -- specifically, what Everett Golson is doing.

Let's see how the Irish hold up. Losing the team's best cornerback, best receiver and one of its best defensive linemen to academic suspension has to catch up eventually. Last I checked, Notre Dame's schedule is still brutal.

Overreaction (Level 2) -- Look at the Pac-12's depth, which is easily the best in the country: At least four ranked teams -- Oregon, USC, Arizona State -- are fulfilling serious potential thus far. No doubt Oregon needed a marquee win over a physical team. Arizona will be tough.

Need to see more from UCLA and Stanford, though. Doesn't mean they won't be there at the end, but Stanford's red zone problems against the Trojans were concerning and UCLA hasn't looked very impressive in wins against two inferior opponents.

Plus, we'll know a lot more about the SEC's depth in the next few weeks. Last week's soft schedule didn't help.

Overreaction (Level 3) -- BYU has the best chance among non-power-conference teams outside of Notre Dame to crack the playoff: Even against Texas' depleted roster, BYU's 41-7 pounding of the Longhorns would be impressive for any team.

The Cougars' chances for a contract bowl are slim in the conference-friendly playoff, but they traditionally have the best schedule among Group of 5 and independent teams not located in South Bend.

Virginia and Cal are the only power-conference teams left on BYU schedule, which probably won't be enough unless the Cougars blow out everyone and demand attention.

That doesn't seem so far-fetched with the Cougars' running game.