Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott: Coaches poll 'a fallacy'

Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott was recently asked about Lane Kiffin's decision to give up his vote in the coaches poll. Scott not only supported Kiffin's decision, but he proceeded to give his opinion on the conflict of interest every voting coach faces in the balloting.

"I think it's an unfair position to put the coaches in, to supposedly vote objectively when they've got a very natural conflict of interest, No. 1, and, No. 2, I think most coaches are focused on their own games -- let alone breaking down tape afterwards and all that," Scott said in an interview with 710-ESPN's Mason and Ireland Show on Wednesday. "So to expect that coaches could have a good, balanced, well-researched perspective on who the best teams are in any given week is a fallacy."

What Scott finally put on the record is exactly why many around college football have criticized the use of the coaches poll in the BCS formula. Between alleged surrogate votes and the aforementioned lack of time to research, it has been suggested that many coaches -- like Kiffin -- would not mind giving up their vote to focus exclusively on other responsibilities.

"I'm not surprised Lane didn't want to be part of it anymore," Scott said. "I don't think any coaches should be in that position, and they won't be, starting in 2014."

Scott is referencing the first season of the new four-team playoff postseason format, with the teams picked by a selection committee. The exact details of the selection committee, such as number of members and how the group is assembled, have not been decided -- at least publicly. What has been made clear by the conference commissioners is that the coaches poll will not have a direct influence on deciding the national championship in the new format.

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