With the 2020 college football season appearing more likely by the day for Football Bowl Subdivision teams, conferences are beginning to announce their modified schedules. The Pac-12 did just that on Friday, with each member playing 10 conference games in the fall -- five at home and five on the road. The Pac-12 announced that the slate is scheduled to begin for the 2020 season on Saturday, Sept. 26. 

Given the delayed start to the Pac-12 campaign, the conference championship game has been pushed back two weeks from its original date and will be played on either Friday, Dec. 18 or Saturday, Dec. 19. Schools were also given the option to delay the start of the season by one week. Games that are unable to be played on their scheduled date can be made up in their respective bye weeks or in Week 12 on Dec. 12, an open date across the conference.

The Pac-12 was one of the first leagues to announce that it was moving to a conference-only schedule, following the Big Ten's lead earlier in July. The reduction in number of regular-season games from 12 to 10 is a result of ongoing concerns amid the coronavirus pandemic and feasibility of playing an entire season. 

The ACC and SEC previously announced they would begin their seasons on Sept. 7 and Sept. 26, respectively. ACC members, which include Notre Dame on a one-year basis, are scheduled to play 10 conference games in addition to one nonconference opponent. The SEC, on the other hand, will play a conference-only slate of 10 games, the specifics of which have not yet been determined. 

The full schedules for each of the Pac-12 teams in the 2020 season are as follows:


Week 1: Arizona State 
Week 2: at Washington 
Week 3: Colorado 
Week 4: BYE
Week 5: USC
Week 6: at Utah
Week 7: at Oregon State
Week 8: Cal
Week 9 Oregon (Friday)
Week 10: at UCLA
Week 11: at Stanford

Arizona State

Week 1: at Arizona
Week 2: Stanford
Week 3: at Oregon (Friday)
Week 4: BYE
Week 5: UCLA
Week 6: at Colorado
Week 7: Utah
Week 8: at Washington State
Week 9: at USC
Week 10: Cal
Week 11: Oregon State


Week 1: at Oregon State
Week 2: at USC
Week 3: Washington
Week 4: at Washington State
Week 5: Stanford
Week 6: BYE
Week 7: Oregon
Week 8: at Arizona 
Week 9: Utah
Week 10: at Arizona State
Week 11: UCLA (Friday)


Week 1: at Oregon
Week 2: Utah
Week 3: at Arizona 
Week 4: at USC
Week 5: BYE
Week 6: Arizona State
Week 7: at Washington (Friday)
Week 8: UCLA
Week 9: at Stanford
Week 10: Oregon State
Week 11: Washington State


Week 1: Colorado
Week 2: at Washington State
Week 3: Arizona State (Friday)
Week 4: at Oregon State
Week 5: BYE
Week 6: Washington
Week 7: at Cal
Week 8: USC
Week 9: at Arizona (Friday)
Week 10: Stanford
Week 11: at Utah

Oregon State

Week 1: Cal
Week 2: UCLA
Week 3: at Utah
Week 4: Oregon
Week 5: at Washington
Week 6: BYE
Week 7: Arizona
Week 8: at Stanford
Week 9: Washington State
Week 10: at Colorado
Week 11: at Arizona State


Week 1:  at Washington
Week 2: at Arizona State
Week 3: USC
Week 4: BYE
Week 5: at California
Week 6: Washington State (Friday)
Week 7: at UCLA
Week 8: Oregon State
Week 9: Colorado
Week 10: at Oregon
Week 11: Arizona


Week 1: USC 
Week 2: at Oregon State
Week 3: Washington State
Week 4: Utah (Friday)
Week 5: at Arizona State
Week 6: BYE
Week 7: Stanford
Week 8: at Colorado
Week 9: at Washington
Week 10: Arizona
Week 11: at California (Friday)


Week 1: at UCLA
Week 2: California
Week 3: at Stanford
Week 4: Colorado
Week 5: at Arizona
Week 6: BYE
Week 7: Washington State
Week 8: at Oregon
Week 9: Arizona State
Week 10: at Utah (Friday)
Week 11: Washington


Week 1: at Washington State
Week 2: at Colorado
Week 3: Oregon State
Week 4: at UCLA (Friday)
Week 5: BYE
Week 6: Arizona
Week 7: at Arizona State
Week 8: Washington
Week 9: at California
Week 10: USC (Friday)
Week 11: Oregon


Week 1: Stanford
Week 2: Arizona 
Week 3: at California
Week 4: BYE
Week 5: Oregon State
Week 6: at Oregon
Week 7: Colorado (Friday)
Week 8: at Utah
Week 9: UCLA
Week 10: at Washington State (Friday)
Week 11: at USC

Washington State 

Week 1: Utah
Week 2: Oregon
Week 3: at UCLA
Week 4: California
Week 5: BYE
Week 6: at Stanford (Friday)
Week 7: at USC
Week 8: Arizona State
Week 9: at Oregon State
Week 10: Washington (Friday)
Week 11: at Colorado