It's not often the departure of a kickoff specialist earns headlines, but Joey Julius' exit from Penn State is a rare exception.

Bob Flounders of reported Monday afternoon that the 5-foot-10, 258-pounder from Hummelstown, Pennsylvania, has left the program prior to the start of his senior season in Happy Valley. A Penn State spokesperson later confirmed to 247Sports that Julius is off the roster.

Julius became a viral sensation during his Nittany Lions' career with his ability to get down the field and lay vicious hits on unsuspecting returners who took the kicker lightly. 

But while his battle against returners made headlines and highlights, the battle within himself is something that he kept to himself until recently.

He announced last October that he suffers from anxiety, depression and an eating disorder. He left the team on a temporary basis in May to seek treatment for his eating disorder in St. Louis. He tweeted about the power of depression in July.

His talents will be missed on the field in 2017, but he has more important challenges to face moving forward. Hopefully he attacks them with the same kind of tenacity that he did while storming downfield on kickoffs.