Phillip Buchanon is here to tell Al Golden how to fix Miami football

Phillip Buchanon was an All-American cornerback at Miami and played 10 years in the NFL, which makes him uniquely qualified to talk about football. By the looks of his Twitter feed, it also makes him uniquely qualified to coach football, or more specifically, to offer some unsolicited advice to Al Golden (whom he refers to as "Folden") in the wake of the Hurricanes' 31-13 loss at Louisville on Monday night. He has some screengrabs, and also a helpful (mostly) numbered list for Golden to incorporate into this week's game plan.

On one hand, you could argue Buchanon makes some worthwhile points. Even someone who never played the game would likely admit stacking the box on 4th-and-1 is a prudent thing to do.

On the other, you could argue Buchanon is being just a tad unfair given that the offense was being led by a freshman QB (Brad Kaaya) in his first career start, in a hostile environment, and that it was the defense that kept Miami in the game until the 4th quarter. You could also argue that he's out of line in questioning the quality of work of Miami's coaching staff, especially when it appears he himself has no experience in leading a football program at any level. 

I guess when Miami beats Florida A&M by 70 on Saturday, Buchanon can beat his chest about the implementation of all his successful gameplan suggestions.

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