PHOTO: A reminder that Rutgers is joining the Big Ten

Rutgers Big Ten sign Times Square
A sign in Times Square reminds all of the strange new future in the B1G. (Rutgers)

Summer officially began over the weekend, but while summer is beginning the end of the Big Ten as you know it is coming quickly. 

I have been doing my best to forget the fact that both Rutgers and Maryland will be joining the Big Ten for the 2014 season, using the logic of a toddler that follows the tenet that, if I don't believe it to be real then it can't hurt me and isn't real.

Yes, that's right. In my mind Maryland and Rutgers are just two monsters living in my bedroom closet, or under my bed, and I keep having my dad come in the room late at night to tell me nobody's there.

But they're there, and there's signs like the one above in Times Square that constantly remind me of that fact. I'm sure that, like Penn State before it, this kid who was born and raised in Big Ten country following Big Ten football will get used to their presence eventually, but right now I'm convinced they're just monsters trying to eat my toes while I'm sleeping.

And I really would like to keep all my toes if possible. I have ten of them, and ten was always such a good number of things to have.

(Via Reddit)

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