PHOTO: Adidas displays pink Mississippi State uniform 'concept'

It was a rough Friday for the relationship between Mississippi State fans and shirts. First there was this unfortunate mistake by a College World Series sidewalk vendor, and trust us, Bulldog fans do not take kindly to being called the Rebels, even accidentally.

But even that kerfuffle might prove minor compared to the reaction to this photo tweeted by Uniform Critics Friday night:

The context of the photo remains unclear -- Uniform Critics only said that Adidas "displayed" the pink jersey (and socks) Friday night at whatever event is shown -- but it seems safe to assume it's not a photoshop or knock-off after Mississippi State athletic director Scott Stricklin addressed the issue Friday night.

Per Stricklin, however, the uniform isn't one you'll see come to any Mississippi State football field this fall:

If Adidas really did go public with a pink uniform concept without telling anyone at Mississippi State first, well, here's a guess Mr. Stricklin and the local Adidas representative will be having an interesting discussion sometime soon.

But while Bulldog fans would be far, far from alone in rejecting pink jerseys for their football team, it's worth noting there's no real reason they couldn't wear such a "concept" in the name of fighting breast cancer. Plenty of college baseball teams and women's basketball teams have gone pink. MLB and the NFL have both used pink accents like pink bats and pink gloves to raise cancer awareness, and some high school football teams have even worn pink uniforms. So why not a college football team? Just because football is a MANLY sport played by MANLY MEN that's too MANLY to involve pink uniforms, even if it helps a good cause?

The realistic answer -- for now -- is "yes." But that Adidas is already producing a prototype is an indication that barrier might be broken down in future seasons that aren't so far away, even if it won't necessarily be at Mississippi State. 


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