PHOTO: Akron has new uniforms

Back in April Akron offensive lineman Vinnie Rizzo -- sounds Irish -- tweeted out a photo of some gold chrome helmets for the Zips. While we all basked in the shininess of the helmet as the light reflected off of it, searing our corneas beyond repair, what we did not know was whether or not the helmets were official.

Well, I think if Akron coach Terry Bowden is tweeting out photos of those same helmets with new uniforms as well, they're about as official as official can be.

Nothing special about the uniforms themselves, which is probably for the best. You need that plain dark uniform to counter the sheer "OH MY GOD THE SUN IS LITERALLY INCHES AWAY FROM MY FACE" effect that the helmet gives off.

Now the only thing that remains to be seen is if Akron's plan to blind its opponents will help the Zips get to their first bowl game since 2005, which was also the only bowl game the Zips have ever played in.

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