PHOTO: Alabama fan is a terrible tipper

If every picture tells a thousand words, this one from Twitter user Vaughn Crittenden that went viral Tuesday has at least that many -- and maybe more -- to say about the mental state of certain Alabama fans in the wake of their team's stunning loss to Auburn Saturday:

Writing "Roll Tide!" in the actual slot for the tip is the capper, no?

The "Forrest" in the receipt above is Forrest Swan, a 22-year-old student -- and Virginia Tech fan -- at East Tennessee State, who spoke to (warning: link probably shouldn't be opened at work) about the photo:

“They weren’t even wearing any Alabama stuff or anything that would tell me they were Alabama fans.”

Swan, who says he hasn’t had job-related trouble with Bama fans in the past, made small talk with his customers and said that “the game was incredible and that he was pretty proud of Auburn. They deserved it.”

“Then I just walked away. I wasn’t even talking s---, like ‘Alabama sucks’ or ‘you guys lost’.”

That was the end of his conversation about the Iron Bowl. Then came the tip.

“My reaction was shock,” Swan said.

To be fair, though, as shocked as Alabama's fans during Chris Davis's 109-yard field goal return for touchdown? Probably not.

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