PHOTO: Alabama issues "Roll Tide Roll" license plate with CAM prefix

Either someone deep in Alabama's state Motor Vehicles Division is a wickedly vengeful (and funny) Auburn fan, or Fate has just conspired to give 1,000 Alabama fans the trolling of a lifetime.

From the Twitter feed of Will Collier, this is a photo of the license plate assigned to a Tide-supporting Shelby County resident:

That's right: assigned. That's not the world's oddest use of "CAM" on a personalized plate; it just happens to be one of the prefixes used by the state for the special "Roll Tide Roll" plate, which allow residents to spend an extra $50 to support the university.

In exchange for that donation, the (less than?) proud owners of plates CAM000 through CAM999 now get the privilege of adorning their vehicles with the name of their most-hated Auburn athlete since ... uh, ever? (At least the CAM180 holder can pretend he did it on purpose, right?)

We don't know if any lawsuits have arisen from this issue yet. But we're thinking we'll hear about one soon enough.

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