PHOTO: Alabama lockers have new '0-2' motivational posters

That 11-0 start was nice, but few Alabama fans (and maybe even fewer Alabama players) will still feel all that positive about it after ending the season with a crushing, national title-eliminating loss to Auburn and embarrassing two-touchdown loss to Oklahoma, the Big 12 runner-up -- defeats in which the Crimson Tide gave up more points than it had in its final two games than it had since 1969.

So maybe the only surprising thing about the following motivational poster -- which surfaced Tuesday and which confirmed is hanging in every Crimson Tide player's locker -- is that it took 12 days after the Sugar Bowl to appear:

This isn't the first time Alabama has resorted to some opponent-centric locker room motivational tactics. In 2011 they hung pictures of Cam Newton and Co. with the phrase "Never Again," and heading into 2013 Texas A&M towels appeared in the weight room. And for whatever it's worth, they've worked, to an extent; the Tide got its revenge on Auburn in 2011, and vs. Johnny Manziel and the Aggies last September.

Still, neither of those seasons ended in a perfect record or an SEC championship (though 2011 did end in a national title, of course), so we'd still humbly suggest Alabama re-orient its locker room poster-hatred for the true enemy here: fat.

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