PHOTO: Alabama's selling (but likely not wearing) black jerseys

Check out what's available for purchase at, the official Alabama athletics site, right now:

"But wait," you say. "Why should I care about some alternate jersey for sale? Tons of schools have random, oddly colored apparel available." To which we would answer, well, read what the attached text has to say about this jersey (emphasis added):

The Crimson Tide are built for hard-hitting, fast-paced gridiron action, and we know that's exactly why you love them. Promote your Alabama gear to a level that'll proudly flaunt your team's skills and your own team dedication with this special Blackout Nike Limited jersey. Designed in the same styling as the gear your favorite players will wear on the field in the 2013 Blackout Game, it features strategic mesh ventilation, embroidered graphics and a tackle twill player number. Congratulations, you just upped your status to Ultimate Alabama Fan!

"Uh, whoa," you say, processing the thought of Alabama -- a bastion of week-in, week-out uniform uniformity -- wearing all-black jerseys. "Whoa."

But you shouldn't worry; for starters, black numbers on a black jersey would make the numerals impossible to read -- and a violation of NCAA rules (as well as all common sense). For another, the school has told student newspaper the Crimson White that it's "working on getting the text corrected" on the site listing.

So for now, don't expect Alabama to go the blackout route (on the field, at least). But feel free to expect the rumor mill to keep spinning for a while.

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