PHOTO: Anybody who would buy this shirt needs help

I've never been a huge fan of people trying to make money off of tragedy, but it's something that has taken place for a lot longer than I've been alive and I know I'll never be able to put an end to it.

One of the latest examples is this t-shirt designed for Ohio State fans that takes a dig at Michigan while making light of the situation at Penn State.

Classy, isn't it?

I mean, who cares if you belittle the victims of Jerry Sandusky and sexual abuse victims everywhere if it means you can take a shot at your rival, right? 

Of course, before you go getting on the case of Ohio State fans for this shirt, you should know there are other variations of this shirt out there. Iowa has one for its newest rivalry with Nebraska, and even LSU has one in regard to Alabama.

It appears that idiocy is everywhere in college football.

via Jezebel

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