PHOTO: Appalachian State coach tweets new uniforms

In June of last year, Appalachian State unveiled an entire mix-and-match series of uniforms, overhauling the team's look for its final season in the FCS.

So it's no surprise, then, that the Mountaineers are apparently planning another dramatic update for their first season at the FBS level and in the Sun Belt. From no less a source than the Twitter feed of head coach Chris Foster, here's Appalachian State's "new look for a new conference":

As a whole, the look comes across a little too "uniform of the future!" for my taste -- between the anthracite shade of the jersey, the goofy all-lower-case font for "Appalachian," and matte helmet finish, it checks off pretty much all the "Nike attempts to make a hyper-modern football uniform" boxes we've already seen checked many, many times before -- but the gold facemasks are a nice touch.

Of course, there's still one big question that needs to be answered; where is Yosef?

HT: DocSat

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