PHOTO: Buffalo to wear all-black helmets for home 'blackout' vs. Baylor

Hey, remember "blackouts"?

The hottest college football trend of 2009 has lost some of its novelty over the years, but that's all the more reason for Buffalo to breathe some life back into it when they have the rare opportunity to host a genuine national title contender. Baylor's paying a visit to UB Stadium September 12, and the Bulls announced Tuesday the team will wear an alternate all-black uniform for the occasion.

Here's the helmet, and if asked "how much more black could it be?," you have to admire that the answer is "None." None more black*:

Here's Buffalo's trailer video (and official blackout t-shirt promo) for the occasion:

*OK, so Nigel Tufnel would probably point out that it could be more black without the logo, but without the logo it's not a Buffalo helmet, and at least it's gray rather than white or blue. Full points are awarded.

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