PHOTO: Cremated remains found on Jordan-Hare Stadium field

You know, there's the fan reaction on display in this video, and that's one thing. And then there's the fan reaction captured in this photo, tweeted Monday by the account of Auburn turfgrass management:

And what is that a photo of, you may ask? Per the tweet: "cremated remains dumped on field after #ironbowl2013."

Here, let's read that again: "cremated remains dumped on field after #ironbowl2013."

All we'll say is this: if you were an Auburn fan hoping to have your ashes spread on Pat Dye Field after a big victory, well, no victory would ever live up to that wish better than the one your team pulled off Saturday night.

HT: The War Eagle Reader, who reports "this isn’t the first time this has happened—the grounds crew has apparently become pretty adept at identifying crematory ashes." 

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