PHOTO: Florida fan turns backyard into football field

As a kid growing up you probably played football with your friends in the backyard. It's a staple of growing up in this country.

What is not a staple of growing up is having Jason Ioppolo as your dad, only his kids get that. And part of that deal includes dad turning the backyard into an actual football field for you.

Seriously, that's pretty cool. Having an actual field would have settled a lot of debates in my childhood games, and would have kept little Mikey Miller from taking his ball and going home because "that was not a first down! You're cheating!"

It was a first down, Mikey. Play some defense.

Anyway, what's strange about this is that Ioppolo is a Gators fan that lives in Ohio. He's probably pretty conflicted about that whole Urban Meyer at Ohio State thing.

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