PHOTO: Florida St. sells T-shirt with wrong BCS Championship winner

It's a difficult thing, making T-shirts and other BCS Championship paraphernalia available to the newly crowned champion's overjoyed customers as quickly as they want it, and as quickly as the seller wants to sell it. The iron has to be struck when it's hot, and for Florida State's official online store, the iron will never be hotter than it was Tuesday night.

But there are still some mistakes that even the mad post-championship rush can't quite excuse. Via Campus Insiders' Amanda Busick, here's a screencap of a T-shirt whose scoreline needed just a little closer editing before being offered to the public for 20 bucks a pop:

The gaffe has since been "fixed," though the shirt is now the world's first to put the losing score on the left and the winning one on the right. 

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