PHOTO: Former Buckeye OL Marcus Hall is signing double-bird photos

There's a lot of benefits to being a major college football player. But there's also benefits to having moved on from being a major college football player, like the ability to freely cash in on the fame earned by one's major college football career.

Case in point: Ohio State's Marcus Hall, whose profile -- even in Columbus -- wasn't much more than "solid offensive lineman" for Urban Meyer's Buckeyes. That is, until he got involved in a first-half brawl against Michigan last December, got himself ejected, and left the field in highly memorable fashion. And because Hall was a senior, he's now able to sign his autograph to the following piece of memorabilia photographed by's Ben Axelrod:

The "4X gold pants" -- a reference to the famous trinkets awarded Ohio State players who beat Michigan -- is a nice touch. The misspelling of the word "notable" is a little bit less nice of a touch. (Also: there's no better way to bill the photo than as a "notable moment"?) Nonetheless, per Fox Sports Ohio, similar items are also available on eBay.

Hall will hope to be selected in this year's NFL Draft. But as neither that nor a long-term NFL career (even if he is) is guaranteed. The iron for Hall is hot right now, and even if his "notable moment" vs. the Wolverines doesn't exactly represent either Hall or major college football at their finest, it's hard to fault him for striking.

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