PHOTO: Introducing the Volkswagen Razorback

Like many of you, I own a car. It's officially mine as I finished making the payments on it last year. At no point during my ownership of this car have I put anything on it. No bumper stickers, no window decals, nothing of the sort. 

I just happen to believe that if I'm going to spend as much money on something as I did my car, I'm not going to ruin it with stupid slogans or Calvin peeing on something. Others do not feel the same way that I do.

For instance:

Yep, that's a Volkswagen Beetle modified to look like an Arkansas Razorback. It's apparently been around for a while, too, as Twitter user @RazorbackRules pointed us toward this commercial (with narration from Pat Summerall no less) from 2010.

For my own personal reasons, however, I'm going to pretend this is Bret Bielema's car. Just because I like the idea of Bret Bielema driving around Fayetteville in this thing with the windows down blasting Motley Crue or something.

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