PHOTO: Jimmy Clausen tweets his 'Catholics vs. Cousins' BCS title shirt

Former Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen never got to lead the Irish to a national championship game, but the current Carolina Panther has fired up the smack talk leading up to the BCS title game against Alabama on Jan. 7 in Miami.

Clausen has apparently come into possession of a kitschy BCS title-themed shirt -- there will be many more I'm sure -- cracking jokes at the opponent's expense. This particular "gem" plays on the classic "Catholics vs. Convicts" tag line from Notre Dame's 1988 showdown with Miami, spinning it to "Catholics vs. Cousins" for Alabama.  He shared a pic of the shirt from his Twitter account on Monday.

There are no former Alabama players on the Panthers roster, so Clausen should be safe from any locker-room retribution. Fellow quarterback Cam Newton does not need to tweet any shirts to show his alliance. Memories of Alabama's 24-0 first-half lead in the 2010 Iron Bowl and the remarkable Auburn comeback that followed are enough smack talk to last Newton the rest of his career.

H/T: SB Nation

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