PHOTO: Kyle Field looks like a delicious wedding cake

Maybe the best stadium wedding cake we've ever seen
Maybe the best stadium wedding cake we've ever seen. (Outkick The Coverage)

You know, it's been a while since we had a wedding cake shaped like a college football stadium around here, and it's nice to see the tradition return with such a nice replica of Texas A&M's Kyle Field. Of course, I'll never understand the point of doing this with your wedding cake, or any cake for that matter.

You either end up eating the cake and destroy something wonderful, or you don't eat the cake and then you've got a cake that you can't eat. And why the hell would you want a cake that you can't eat? That's like buying a giant flat-screen television for your house and then refusing to pay for cable.

Anyway, the cake was for the wedding of Harv and Heather Willis, and the cake was not the only part of the wedding with a Texas A&M theme. Instead of wearing a tuxedo during his wedding, Harv decided to wear a 12th Man jersey, and the man who officiated the wedding wore a football official's uniform.

If you don't believe me, you can see for yourself in the video. Which is one of five videos from the wedding.

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