PHOTO: Mark Richt arrested by Storm Troopers

In some ways -- maybe all the ways -- this photo from Twitter user Ben Kerr is better without any context:

Yes, that's Georgia head coach Mark Richt being arrested by a unit of Imperial Storm Troopers. And maybe a bounty hunter or something.

But fear not, Richt isn't actually rotting in a gunship cell on his way back to Coruscant. Georgia fans (and other college football fans of a certain geeky persuasion) likely guessed that the shot is from the set of Bulldog wideout Chris Conley's Star Wars fan film -- a guess confirmed by Kerr, who also provided photo evidence that Richt was rescued before things got out of hand:

Here's a hearty thumbs-up to Richt for his involvement, to Conley, and for all the volunteers that are working on the film -- which promises to be a must-watch for anyone in the Venn diagram overlap between college football fandom and Star Wars fandom.

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